Snake Predators

Snakes are very dangerous predators for many animals. They kill a variety of mammals, birds, and insects. However, snakes themselves encounter many dangerous enemies. Many predators feed on the meat of snakes. It is hard to believe that snakes who prey so many animals are themselves frail in front of other animals.

The primary enemies of snakes are wild boars, coyotes, raccoons, eagle, and foxes. In addition to these predators, mongooses and human beings are significant threats even to the scariest snakes. These animals can kill young serpents as well as giant ferocious snakes. It is not an easier task to capture snakes effortlessly. Most of the animal track snakes up to the opening of the den and kill them. However, snakes can retaliate with poisons carried by them. The following are the animals that slay snakes and relish their meat.


The most harmful predator snakes are raccoons. A raccoon and snake are bitter foes. They often fight violently whenever they come across. The raccoon has sharp nails that help it kill a snake. Moreover, a raccoon damps its tail with urine and hurls it against the eyes of the serpent. It helps blind raccoon snake and ultimately slay the prey.



Snakes also fear eagles. An eagle may dive and capture moving serpents. The claws of falcon are powerful. They can carry alive snakes and later kill them to eat the meat. Eagles do not follow snakes to their holes but attack them whenever it appears on the surface. Hence, an eagle is also one of the looming threats for snakes.


Another slayer of serpents is the coyote. These mammals prove more dangerous than an eagle. As these live on the ground and follow snakes. Coyotes have many insects and mammals as prey, but the snake is one of the easier ones. When a snake gets into the opening, coyotes attack them.


The snake has another adversary called the mongoose. It usually relies on snakes as food. Moreover, mongoose has wild habits. They often target rats, mice, and opossums. Thus, snake fears mongoose as other animals are afraid of snakes.

Wild Boars

Snakes often live in forests along with many mammals, reptiles, birds, and insects. However, wild boars are excellent hunters of snakes. Wild boar assault snakes when it sees prey at a distance. Snakes often avoid the sight of boars. They disappear rapidly when perceiving any boar around. Snakes are afraid of wild boars for plenty of reasons. A boar considers snake an edible food item. It can catch it whenever he wants to eat. Hence, snakes consider boars life-threatening predators.

In conclusion, snakes are obnoxious reptiles and a looming danger for many animals. They are good victors of pigeons, mice, rats, opossums, hares, and other creatures. However, snakes also face a variety of animals that hunt on them. The most common enemies of snake include foxes, raccoons, mongoose, wild boars, coyotes, and eagles. These predators are a potential threat to the existence of snakes. They usually follow snakes and attack them suddenly. Furthermore, snakes also eat their offspring.

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